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Digits Mobile Medical Footcarefrom Mill Bay to Nanaimo

Nail Care

The importance of proper nail care

For many nail care isn’t just an aesthetic issue, it’s an accessibility one, and maintaining well-kept and appropriate length nails can be difficult. That’s why we offer a professional medical footcare treatment that includes the filing and trimming of nails.

Senior Nail Care

As we age nail care becomes even more important and difficult. With nails becoming harder to reach, and a decline in dexterity and precision, nail care for seniors can prove difficult. This is often worsened by the brittleness of nails, brought on by ageing, as well as the increased risk of infection.

Here at Digits, we place a high-priority on foot care for the elderly making sure seniors get the assessment and footcare treatment they need to help them stay in good health.

Ingrown Nails

We do bracing and packing for lifting and making ingrown nails better.