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Why Use a Foot Care Nurse?

The Benefits of a Foot Care Nurse

There are times when you want to treat yourself — relax with a nice pedicure and kick back with a relaxing nail salon or spa experience. Just don’t mistake these visits as sufficient for looking after the health of your feet. For that, you need a qualified foot care nurse.

Foot care nurses have the right knowledge and training

Unlike nail technicians (who in British Columbia are not required to be licensed) foot cares nurses are registered and licensed nurses with the requisite training and certification. Making them qualified to do a nursing assessment and treat a variety of healthcare-related issues.

Foot care nurses have the right equipment

A foot care nurse — as a result of their training, knowledge, and resources — will have an assortment of safe and approved equipment. This is especially important when it comes to diabetic foot care and foot care for seniors.

Foot care nurses understand hygiene

When it comes to foot care hygiene is essential. A foot care nurse will always make sure to sterilize their instruments, following guidelines put forth by the provincial regulatory bodies.