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Healthy Feet for a Healthy You

From doing simple, daily tasks to the most difficult, there is no substitute for enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery of Vancouver Island. Healthy feet will make that possible. In fact, it’s something many take for granted, until foot pain, soreness, and other medical issues take it away from you.

What may seem minor — a sore toe, a mild dull ache etc., can soon grow to make your life uncomfortable and lead to more serious issues. Foot pain can affect gait and balance and severely impede mobility.

Left untreated, foot pain can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that exacerbates health problems and stops you from enjoying the quality of life you want.

Prevention. That’s the key to what we offer — our services and treatments help to alleviate pain and discomfort for a variety of foot-related health issues.

Everything we do is supported by our professional approach. As a certified laser technician using the only FOX Laser on Vancouver Island — that approach represents a new industry standard.

Like the rest of your body — regular check-ups and treatment are the only way to ensure healthy feet.

Foot Care Services and Treatments

You need to get back on your feet and enjoy the active and healthy lifestyle you want. We’re committed to looking after you. This includes a nursing assessment and offers preventative care. At Digits, we offer a wide range of treatment options while looking after you with professionalism and courtesy.

Find out more about our services:

Laser Treatment

No pills, no surgery, no downtime — just a twenty-minute procedure.

Laser TreatmentReasons & Benefits

Nail Care

Nail care isn’t just an aesthetic issue, it’s an accessibility issue.

Nail CareReasons & Benefits

Care Assessments

Foot care is vital to our well-being. A simple assessment can you get you on the right track.

Care AssessmentsReasons & Benefits

Treatment Packages

Performed by medical professionals, our services are not taxable, and claimable on either taxes or extended medical benefits.

Treatment PackagesReasons & Benefits