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What conditions can cause warts?

Warts are commonly caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) of which there are more than 100 varieties. The virus usually gets in through a scratch or a cut in the skin causing rapid cell growth that leads to the appearance of warts.

Treatment for warts

Warts are a common — but unsightly and uncomfortable — problem for many. Usually, they are treated using a variety of chemical applications, often in the form of a cream or gel. However, this can prove ineffective, which is where our laser treatment comes in.

Laser treatment does not damage the nails or adjacent skin, and is safe for both adults and children, with no down-time required after treatment.

As warts are often a more common problem in children and adolescents, wart removal is available for all ages over 6, with written parental permission. The most common symptoms of a wart that requires laser treatment are:

  • Bleeding
  • Persistent itching sensation
  • Pain or discomfort 


  • Warts — which can vary in size, colour and appearance
  • A persistent itching sensation near the site of the warts
  • Bleeding from the warts
  • Pain or discomfort 

How is The FOX Laser Used To Remove Warts?

  1. We examine your foot — as well as taking your medical history in order to check for diabetes, decreased sensation, neuropathy, and other conditions that may affect your treatment.
  2. The infected area and surrounding skin are cleaned.
  3. A topical anesthetic is applied.
  4. You will be provided with a pair of safety goggles to wear during the laser treatment.
  5. The FOX Laser beam is moved over the entire infected area.
  6. If it’s needed, we will perform a step of intermediate cooling.
  7. The wart may then become dark or ashen immediately after treatment.
  8. If needed, we treat this area as a small wound and apply a topical antibiotic cream.
  9. The wart will typically fall off within two to four weeks of treatment.

Can the FOX Laser be used to treat warts on hands?

Yes, we can use the FOX Laser to treat warts on your hands, neck, legs, and elsewhere on your body.

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Laser treatment is a non-invasive technique that does not damage adjacent skin, is safe, and requires no downtime after treatment.