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I’ve known Shannon for years, from when she was a nurse’s aid. In early 2014 my wife had a stroke, and when she came home in late 2014 I needed help. Foot care was one of those areas extra support was needed, and so I called Shannon and she has been looking after us ever since. She comes every 5 weeks to trim nails and look after any other needs that may have developed in the interim period. I highly recommended her and have done so several times.

Brian Nicol

I have rheumatoid arthritis which has severely affected my feet and joints and caused some deformity, callouses, nail problems etc. Shannon has helped me a lot with regular foot care - I just had a foot rebuilt and a piece of metal in my toes are causing an infection, so things aren’t over yet, but I’m sure Shannon will help treat it. She is a very compassionate person, I really like her and she does a really good job. I highly recommend her to anyone.


I have arthritis in my feet, but the reason I was seeing Shannon is because my husband said he wanted to treat me to proper pedicures, and wanted her to come on a regular basis to do my nails. Shannon is a very good friend of mine and I’ve known her some time before she started this. When she was at my home she was very warm, very friendly, easy to chat to, in addition to being very attentive to anything that might feel out of line with my feet. With arthritis things shift, but she would be really cautious about anything being sore, and was very aware of what was happening with my feet. It was only a good experience, and I miss our visits!

Molly Baker

Shannon has taken care of several family members, each one of them had a great experience with her, no problems at all. She successfully cleared up lots of things and issues that had been problems for years. Highly recommend her.


I went to go see Shannon for help with my toes, and she was very professional. Things have definitely improved as a result of seeing her.


She’s very good and very professional.


Shannon took care of my wife’s feet absolutely wonderfully, she needed some extra care due to her diabetes, and now I have Shannon look after me for general foot care. It has only been an excellent experience with her.


I went to see Shannon for an ingrown toenail, after having frustration that the problem wasn’t going away. She was very professional, very punctual, and if she ever couldn’t make an appointment would let me know right away and rebook. I looked forward to my foot treatment every time.