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Choosing a Foot Care Nurse

How to Choose a Foot Care Nurse

Keep in mind the following questions:

Can they do visits to local hospitals or care facilities?

Yes — always make sure your foot care nurse can visit you even if you’re currently in a hospital or care facilities

What equipment will they use?

Foot care nurses should have a wide range of sterilized equipment at their disposal. Here at Digits we believe in providing the highest standard of care, that means using an autoclave for your safety.

This allows us to deal with your health problems in a safer, more effective way. For example, we use a Rotary Podiatry power tool for mycotic toenail treatment. Regular clippers simply aren’t always able to cope with toenails that are thickened by fungus.

Do they understand the current standards of best practice when it comes to hygiene?

All clients have a right to be looked after by a foot care nurse who understands the importance of hygiene. This means knowing that you should not soak feet before care and that safe foot care is performed dry with sterile tools.